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why? "ten boxes"

Above is a piece of digital art I created in February 2017. I titled it Ten Boxes on a midnight blue field. It was an exercise in color on color and shape. There was no intent to create a specific number of boxes, some of which are admittedly hard to see. However, when I counted them up, there were ten.

Some time later, while I was writing another book, the title of this piece Ten Boxes sounded to me like a good title for a future book. As soon as that thought entered my mind I immediately jumped to the idea of the fingerprint card; which is commonly called a 'ten card', because it has a box for the fingerprints of each hand. (Assuming you have all your digits...)

And I was off and running with my characters on a new investigation, a new adventure. But that story would have to wait until I finished, Just before... book #16 and book #17, No... It's Raining.

Not only was the art work's title an inspiration for my character's future activities I also incorporated it into the front cover of book #18, Ten Boxes.

Now, Ten Boxes is available in print:

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