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Milk & Cookies

Novel #23

In Progress


EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Jeannot Laurent Grant sat at the kitchen table opposite her father. “Papa, tell me again, why you have M&Cs here at your office?”

Michael thought: There is something comforting about the smell cookies baking, especially fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. It's like a dopamine trigger, of warm childhood memories: of home, of kitchens, of mothers and grandmothers—of nostalgia itself. A safe harbor for mind and body. Add ice-cold milk and you are set to absolve your mistakes, placate your ghosts—it's a repast to repair your mind before going to hearth and home. Hell may come tomorrow. 

And it did!

[TBD - pages]

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No Expectation of Privacy

Novel #22

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No Expectation of Privacy


When 'Private' no longer means private.

Is there a right to privacy--in public? We used to think so.

But with anything within view of the public, you should know, there is No Expectation of Privacy!

[399 pages]


The Pritzker Problem


What happens when two love-triangles collide?

What happens when hidden data goes missing?

What happens when murder plots collide?

Can a key… be ‘the key’?

But that’s not all…


Who will resolve The Pritzker Problem?

[375 - pages]

Novel #21

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Penguins & Black Swans



PENGUINS & BLACK SWANS — it was too hot.


But here they were, the Penguins & Black Swans; the brave among them lined up in rows. The more timid clustered together under the surrounding shade of massive English oak and walnut trees. 

From England and Hunton Manor to Paris to Dallas… is no one safe?

[379 pages]


Almost Evening



According to Petter Stingle, “Nothing good ever happened of an evening.” 


His father died when Pete was 10, it was evening and 20 years later his doting mother died one evening. His loving wife, who kept him sane enough to live through each evening, is gone & it's Almost Evening.

As Michael learns, a lot can happen in eleven days and evenings in Dallas, Milan, Paris, Brighton & Hove and Sutton Scotney in the UK.

[314 - pages]

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Ten Boxes



Severed fingers, in separate boxes, are delivered to police. The ‘finger's’ individual print is rolled onto a so-called ‘ten-card’ as there are ten boxes, one for each finger of  the left and right hands.

The question is, how many boxes on the ten-card will the ‘perp’ fill?

Also in "Ten Boxes" Michael Grant and his family are moving out of thee cummings and into a newly constructed residence—with greatly enhanced security—to protect his family.

[479 pages]


The Moon & The Magpie Fairy Tale

a NOVELLA by Robert J. Sadler


Can a dream, a myth, a fairy tale become reality? 


So it would seem when the redheaded Margret Turner, a sweet-sixteen visitor from Dallas who cannot wait to be seventeen, in Taos, New Mexico for the first time, meets a Raven-haired, dark-eyed Dancing Feather, a seventeen-year-old Taos Pueblo youth with iridescent Magpie feather’s in his hair.


Hornets and horses, art dealers and artists, adults who ‘know better’; teens who don’t and the war in between.


The dream is fascinating, unnerving with questions left unanswered. The myth is a legend, a fire-side story told by Medicine Men to the tribe and passed down for over twenty-five generations. The fairy tale is the legend or the myth come to life in the mind of the listener… and those who live it.


Take the journey, turn the page and follow along with The Moon & The Magpie Fairy Tale.   [110 pages]


TM&TMPFT Front Cover Part 1&2 (a novella
No... it's raining
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For Michael times are changing. A family to protect including his expanded work-family at MG&A and the clandestine operations of NA-FOG. His two floors at thee cummings high-rise are not safe enough, nor large enough. The MG&A offices need serious security upgrades. Assassins are vying to kill Michael. The intrigue stretches from Dallas to Virginia to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, St. Croix, Jamaica and back again.


It’s a wet, cold early January in Dallas. Michael’s longtime receptionist & ‘gal-Friday’, Marnie, in a ‘me-too’ crisis involving Michael, says she‘s quitting!

When Tom asks, “Marnie, aren’t you coming to work?”, she says: “No... it’s raining”. [460 pages]


Just before...



There is that moment when time stands still.


It is that instant when fate is not yet known. A priori what will happen has not been initiated. It may or may not trigger the end of the world, even one person’s world. It is that moment when cause and effect cannot be adjudged. 


She is in that moment: “Just before…” [356 pages]

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Murder at Betty Sue’s Café



Diamonds (& thus Kimberlite) may be a girl’s best friend but they are the definition of motive in this multiple-murder murder mystery where “ice” takes on multiple meanings that leads the reader onward through turn after turn to keep up with the hoodlums, gangs, cops, PIs, and deep-cover operatives in scenes from New York, Dallas, and Honduras. But none of it really gets going until...                                                                                               the Murder at Betty Sue’s Café!

[495 pages]

Baladine's ...Alive?



In the midst of (his new covert job responsibilities and its attendant MG&A offices security build-out, chasing copper thieves and helping detectives John Raef and Jim Jamison solve a homicide dubbed: The Popsicle Man) Michael Grant learns the unbelievable—BALADINE'S... ALIVE? How is this possible? How could this have happened? Was everything he was told a lie? How? This devastating news impacts his fiancé, Dallas County DA Helen Atkins and everything that surrounds Michael Grant.  This changes everything!

Or does it? [474 pages]

WIX Baladine's Alive [3] Front Cover Onl
The Good Alibi



The Good Alibi rises, phoenix-like, from The Bad Alibi of computer nerd Neil Sweetmoore. Shielded, now, with The Good Alibi, what undiscovered nastiness will he accomplish? Meanwhile 8 friends,  struggle in the aftermath a shoot-out. From Dallas to San Salvador and back… Old scores settled and old secrets are revealed. In the end, like the old Sam Cooke song: “a change is gonna come…” [480 pages]

The Bad Alibi



THE BAD ALIBI inhabits a world where coincidences collide. There's a sea-going client, a Salvadoran stowaway running from a beautiful Salvadoran assassin that Grant and Darrow track from South Carolina to Texas, solving a murder on the way. Back in Dallas a next door neighbor dances in the nude every night… like appointment TV. She is worth watching! But she isn’t THE BAD ALIBI. [432 pages]

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We Were Once Knights



In the next 47 hours we learn: Lizzy is a not-so-innocent secretary in the PD’s records section, a willing participant in shady activities. Dr. Pamela Oryzansky, a shrink who's client reveals her husband’s need to kill her… reveals everything except who she is & what she intends to do. Carder, a rookie cop, turns from good guy to bad in an afternoon… Michael & Tom become embroiled in the outcome. [420 pages]

Thirty Seconds From Midnight


In the days leading up to the execution of the convicted murderer Stuart Marquis and Michael’s planned engagement to Dallas Co. Dist. Attorney Helen Atkins, life happens: An Amber Alert for their friend’s daughter, 9-year-old Hailey, has Tom Darrow & Jim Jamison teaming-up to find her and her abductor, while Michael tracks down the troubled girl who befriended Hailey… only to be ordered to carry out a ‘covert op’ on the other side of the globe. [502 pages]

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Buttermilk Skies



Death stalks Michael Grant under Buttermilk Skies! Just when he thought Stuart Marquis was dead and buried along comes Gina, one of his Death Row Groupies, to exact his revenge. She is out to kill Michael Grant & Governor Atherton, but sets off a series of events involving the V.A., faux pharmaceuticals, Mexican cartel assassins, illegal aliens, bookmaking, arson, and murder. Bodies are everywhere. [485 pages]

The Sun Never Sets


Grabbing the floating body, Michael had no idea he was holding a clue to a burglary, a murder and an ancient British national treasure worth two million pounds. England’s King in the 1600's entrusted 3 men, with 3 separate keys, to secure the Domesday Chest, containing the Domesday Book. 150 years ago The Third Key went missing! Michael's adversaries arrange for him to pay for his past sins in Paris & Dallas. “Opportunity may knock, but karma just kicks in the door!” [458 pages]

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BOXMAN is a suspense thriller with many twists and turns. It begins where "The Murder Fever" left off and propels you through a maze of deceit, double-dealing, dirty politics, courtroom drama, burglary, mayhem and murder... and that’s before an attacker sends Michael Grant to the ER! Who is this malevolent BOXMAN? You'll have to read BOXMAN to find out! [425 pages]

The Murder Fever



If it’s Texas, if it’s Dallas, if it’s hot, it must be summertime and everyone seems to have caught The Murder Fever — TMF touches 12 cities in 9 countries. But not much is going on... just a little courtroom drama, deadly political intrigue, judicial malfeasance, kidnapping, torture, jury tampering, falsifying evidence, crooked electioneering, corrupt lawyers, & a despicable rapist turned serial killer. [452 pages]

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Cry... Walk, Run!



A terrorist cell in Dallas, using stolen information, activates a plan to neuter American response while initiating the deployment to U.S. cities of something deadly. If terrorist’s succeed, millions die! On the trail of another killer Michael realizes if he can solve these murders and make sense of the international intrigue in his own backyard he may be able to prevent a cascade of viral destruction around the world! [448 pages]

Innocent And Guilty



“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…” Convicted murderer Ian Montaña, now ‘rehabilitated’, graduates from prison with advanced degrees in every facet of criminal enterprise. Two more murders behind Montaña and back in Dallas it continues. Old ghosts pull Michael Grant into the multi-jurisdictional law enforcement race to put an end to a spree of multi-state priest murders. [393 pages]

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And... Never Again



Above the dam, millions of acre feet of water. Below it, a town, and a old WWII chemical munitions storage facility. It’s New Years Eve. Hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of animals and billions in property are at stake. Can Michael Grant and his team of 'agency' operatives stop the inevitable? How many more times can Michael Grant say: And... Never Again. [342 pages]

Judas Oracle



What do stealth software, a bomb, an escaped murderer, and environmental terrorism have in common? The Judas Oracle! The story rushes from the streets of Dallas to the turquoise waters of the Grand Caymans and the snowy mountains of Colorado. All Michael Grant has to do is try to re-capture a billionaire fugitive and try to stop  a computer-genius from killing the President... [419 pages]

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Jamaica Moon



Michael Grant is a PI with an ex-cop, secret black-ops past who takes on two run-of-the-mill missing persons investigations only to find himself face to face with his and his client's ghosts in an urban jungle of lost love, sexual abuse, torture, rape, murder and revenge that follows him from the streets of Dallas to the tropical Caribbean where these forces come together under the Jamaica Moon. [420 pages]