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True Crime

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One Step From Murder:
The Friendly Burglar-Rapist

This is a chronicle of the true-crimes of a serial rapist. It involves a mild-mannered Dallas public relations exec by day and a roving rapist by night, who moves inexorably toward murder. (According to London Police Surgeon Dr. David Paul's "Six Step Rape to Murder Progression".) Free to rape for over 3 years—was the FBR that smart, police that inept, or the public that unconcerned? Quoted from police reports are the rapist’s, victims’ and cop’s own words detailing the 82 offenses attributed to the FBR in the mid 1970s and the never before divulged inside story of how my partner and I developed predictive crime analysis techniques to engineer the FBR’s capture. [597 pages] 

FBR Documents PDF

Additional FBR Charts, Photos, Graphics, Articles...

Through eleven editions the True-Crime One Step from Murder: the friendly burglar RAPIST (OSfM:tfbR) ended up a tome of 597 pages as of the 2023 Updated Edition.


Even so there are hundreds more pages I could have filled. Here then is the rest of the material that I could not put in the book. In a scrollable, searchable PDF format are charts, photographs, graphics, articles and additional information. 

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A Writer's Thoughts

A Writer’s Thoughts - This series of  blog posts, is a tableau of ‘some’ of my various thoughts on writing and seemingly related topics, that have periodically appeared in PWW (“Pro Writers Writing”). PWW was a blog site for “Independent Professional Writers On All Aspects of Writing And Publishing” to which I have been a ‘Weekly Contributor’. These posts appeared between 22 March 2019 and 28 July 2020, the time during which PWW was an active website.


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