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Opus V 



Opus V is the fifth volume in Robert J Sadler's Poetic License #4121964 oeuvre of over 4300 poems. Opus V contains 209 of these poems written between 2016 and 2020. Because of this group of poem's comparatively small number, versus Opus 1-IV, I have decided to increase the font size for easier reading, resulting a book of 476 pages. Perhaps not obvious, if I had used this size font on the other Opus books, instead of 4 volumes of approximately 1000 poems each, at 200 poems per book there would likely be over 200 volumes.

NOTE: Working on update with new poems from 2020 to present.

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Opus IV



Opus IV, fourth volume in the Poetic License #4121964 collection of poetry by Robert J. Sadler which contains 1208 of the over 4200 poems in his amazing current and growing oeuvre. [537 pages]

Opus III



Opus III is the third volume in Robert J Sadler's Poetic License #4121964 oeuvre of over 4200 poems. Opus III contains 859 of these poems written between 1999 and 2003. This is a remarkable and dazzling group of poems. [413 pages]

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Opus II



Opus II contains the next 1016 evocative, enervating, entertaining, happy, sad, and poignant poems in the poetic oeuvre of Robert J Sadler which contains over 4200 poems to date. [431 pages]

Opus I



Evocative, enervating, entertaining, happy, sad, poignant; you will find yourself in his words. Poetic License #4121964: Opus I is a collection of the first 920 poems in the poetic oeuvre of Robert J Sadler which contains over 4200 poems to date. [483 pages]

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Billy Shakespeare Is A Friend of Mine

Selected Poems of Robert J. Sadler Inspired by William Shakespeare...


The quintessential well from whence we draw our words is both within us from previous breaths and without us waiting to be breathed in. This cognitive respiration, this in-dwelling of thought, of idea, I call being in-spirit-ed. To me this is the essence of inspiration.

Sir, thank you for your words, their inspiration... and the flights of fancy they powered... And thus with Puckish panache I proudly say: Billy Shakespeare is a friend of mine. [157 pages]

Flowers For The Living

Poems by Solana d'Lamant & Robert J. Sadler


Flowers for the Living is a memorial collection of the poetic oeuvre of Solana Chemin-Luz deLamant (aka: Sunny D’Lamant) who passed away12/31/2016 from an inoperable brain tumor. The beauty and depth of her words will take you, and you will enjoy the trip regardless of the destination. In addition there is a selection of my related poems. [435 pages] 

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Poems for the Muse Penelope

Selected Poems by Robert J. Sadler


Contains 82 poems. An ancient story, an ancient play; told again with modern players 1st revealed in Volume 10 Chapter 3 of Poetic License #4121964 and later part of Opus IV along with other selected poems. [109 pages]


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