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Oh My Gosh!


Last month, via my website’s “Drop A Line” feature, I received this very kind message from a reader, one Bill Lacy:

“I retired as an architect and moved to Dallas recently from the west coast. I was enjoying a great dinner in the Michael Grant Booth at Desperados (Uno) and discovered your books.

“I’m up to the 10th in a row. I just can’t put them down.

“And… Luly Yang* was a young designer for me on several of the buildings I designed before she became a fashion designer. A great talent. It was such a surprise to see her in your novels.

“I am now a diehard fan of your impressive work.

“Thank you for writing them.”

Thank you, Bill, very much for you inspiring message! I will keep writing them!

And thank you Desperados for putting up the brass plaque in the first booth, declaring it:

"MICHAEL GRANT'S BOOTH - Michael Grant is Dallas' iconic fictional homicide detective and P.I. from the Black Book Investigations series written by Robert J. Sadler.

Desperados is Michael's favorite hangout and this is the booth where he invented & enjoys the Michael Grant Margarita."

Why would Desperados put up this plaque? Because, not only is Desperados Michael Grant's favorite Mexican restaurant, where he invented The Michael Grant Margarita, he visits Desperados Uno or Dos, at least once in every novel!


*Luly Yang’s dress appeared in book #8 The Sun Never Sets, pages, 426-7 and 451. 

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