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(Photo: Bill Crump Photography — Taken after the publication of Mr. Sadler's #1 novel Jamaica Moon in 2008.)


Robert Sadler is a writer.  

Author of 29 ‘Michael Grant’ novels, the True-Crime book One Step from Murder: the friendly burglar RAPIST, eight (8) volumes of poetry (an oeuvre over 4400 poems) and 22 Short Stories. Additionally he is an essayist, blogger, artist and photographer, with over 1,000 of his photographs and images accessible on this website's 'Art' tab, as well as: [].


Though writing and photography are his main creative outlets these days, many other endeavors have shared time with his creative side.


For over thirty years he was a security analyst and a licensed Private Investigator in Texas, California and New Mexico (not at the same time) providing security consulting, risk assessments and investigations for a diverse group of clients from individuals, attorneys, government entities, mom-and-pop businesses to multinational corporations.


As a police officer he served with the Dallas Police Department during the 1960s and 70s.


One of his assignment in the 70s was as the department’s first Division Crime Analyst brought him face-to-face with the day-to-day crimes of a man (responsible for over 80 offenses, over half of them rapes) who came to be known as Dallas’ “Friendly Burglar Rapist”.


You can read about Robert and his partner’s three-year odyssey to track and arrest this fiend in Robert’s true-crime book. Follow page by page the behind the scenes, nitty-gritty, frustrating 39 month grind during which they developed techniques to track and capture the elusive friendly-burglar-rapist, knowing he was only one step from murder. […and no, no rape is friendly.]


An accomplished speaker, Robert has made presentations and conducted seminars across the country dealing with topics such as: asset protection, security and corporate investigations, in particular Mortgage Fraud, as well as sales and sales techniques. He also speaks on poetics, poetry and fiction writing.


Robert is a Vietnam Veteran, a Rotary past-president and Paul Harris Fellow. He was recognized in a D MAGAZINE article in the mid-80s as one of Dallas’ top-ten Private Investigators.


Music The Author Writes To...

December 2016 the author's son presented him with an hour and forty-nine minute ‘mix’ of the most delightful music (including audio out-takes with an underlayment here and there of relaxing rain and thunder) that the author's son felt captured the flavor of the author's writing. A flavor he tasted reading novels from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant.

A year later, in 2017, I received a second hour long ‘mix’. And then in 2018: BBM Vol 3.


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