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Where to start READINg MG&A?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the start of your series?

Is it two series?

Do I have to read them in order?

1) Where to start? Rather than require you to scroll through all the website pages below, I’m adding the “Also by Robert J Sadler” list next, that I usually update and appended to the end of each manuscript.


Coming Soon:

Available Now:

Book #25 Red Sky

Book #24 Cat With On White Stocking

Book #23 Milk & Cookies

Book #22 No Expectation of Privacy

Book #21 The Pritzker Problem

Book #20 Penguins & Black Swans

Book #19 Almost Evening

Book #18 Ten Boxes

Book #17 No… It’s raining

Book #16 Just before…

Book #15 Murder at Betty Sue’s Café

Book #14 Baladine’s… Alive?

Book #13 The Good Alibi

Book #12 The Bad Alibi

Book #11 We Were Once Knights

Book #10 Buttermilk Skies

Book #9 Thirty Seconds From Midnight

Book #8 The Sun Never Sets

Book #7 BOXMAN

Book #6 The Murder Fever

Book #5 Cry... Walk, Run!

Book #4 Innocent And Guilty

Book #3 And... Never Again

Book #2 Judas Oracle

Book #1 Jamaica Moon

2) I am often asked if my books are all stand alone novels or are they a series. The answer is both, The books are in a single series currently containing 22 novels and they can be read out of order and do stand alone.

3) As you might expect, in a series, there are recurring main characters and settings and to be ‘completely in the know’ you would benefit by reading the books in order, and thus on the website's novels page the books are numbered from 1 to 22, with #23 currently in progress.


Flying Car Angst

Cold Coffee

Rare Books Rare Blood

The End


On The Road To RedVille

The Moon & The Magpie Fairy - Tale Part 1

The Moon & The Magpie Fairy - Tale Part 2

Sea Sick? Not Me!


Why The Caged Rabbit Runs

A Roll In The Clover

Beenie Weenies

Empty Carton

The Podiatrist’s Assistant

Homicide Hooligans


39 Circles

The Butterfly Affect


One Step from Murder:

The Friendly Burglar RAPIST


Poetic License #4121964 Opus I

Poetic License #4121964 Opus II

Poetic License #4121964 Opus III

Poetic License #4121964 Opus IV

Poetic License #4121964 Opus V

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