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The Reading Order

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I am often asked: "You have a lot of books, where should I start? The answer is... anywhere! Each book in the Michael Grant & Associates series stands alone. So you can start anywhere. However with a series of books many of the core characters (even villains) have reoccurring roles. These characters grow, change, and like you, have a memories of past actions and relationships. While other characters come and go. Some to never return.

Almost every book in the series has some carry over from a pervious book or even a couple. In other words, in some instances, a plot line may begin in one book and carry through in the next book. But, in my opinion, you will be satisfied with the ending of each book, but, hopefully wanting to know what happens next.

To be aware of all the inside jokes, relationship dynamics and how past actions inform the present you would be best served as a reader by starting at the beginning, with book one: Jamaica Moon.

Which brings me to the topic of this blog: THE READING ORDER. I have for sometime put the titles of my books on my business card. As the list grew (17 shown above) the a conundrum surfaced: Should I put the newest book first, or the first book first? I decided there would be less confusion (I hope) when I give a card to someone new, if the titles are in chronological or reading order.

And though the reading order is on the image of the card above, below is 'the current list of 19 novels with #20 in progress' which also includes my short stories and poetry (all of which are available via the 'tabs' of this website):


Jamaica Moon

Judas Oracle

And... Never Again

Innocent And Guilty

Cry... Walk, Run!

The Murder Fever


The Sun Never Sets

Buttermilk Skies

Thirty Seconds From Midnight

We Were Once Knights

The Bad Alibi

The Good Alibi

Baladine’s… Alive?

Murder at Betty Sue’s Café

Just before…

No, It’s Raining!

Ten Boxes

Almost Evening

Penguins & Black Swans (in progress)

True Crime:

One Step from Murder: the friendly burglary RAPIST

Short Stories:

Flying Car Angst

Cold Coffee

Rare Books Rare Blood

The End


On The Road to RedVille

The Moon & The Magpie Fairy Tale (part 1)

The Moon & The Magpie Fairy Tale (part 2)

Sea Sick? Not Me!


Why The Caged Rabbit Runs A

Roll in the Clover

Beenie Weenies

Empty Carton

The Podiatrist’s Assistant

Homicide Hooligans


39 Circles

The Butterfly Affect


Poetic License #4121964 Opus I

Poetic License #4121964 Opus II

Poetic License #4121964 Opus III

Poetic License #4121964 Opus IV

Poetic License #4121964 Opus V

P.S. No, I have no idea why I seem to have an affinity for having an ellipsis in some of my titles.

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