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The Clues Reveal The Murderer

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

My friend of over ten years, Steve Hodel has just released In The Mesquite, a compelling cold case investigation whose compilation of facts reveal the murderer of Hazel and Nancy Frome in West Texas over 81 years ago. I highly recommend it!


Excerpts from Steve’s acknowledgments:

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Mr. Ron Dawson, who in 2014, first emailed me his suspicions that “there might be a link between your father, Dr. George Hill Hodel and the long forgotten West Texas 1938 Double homicide of Hazel and Nancy Frome.” Had Ron not contacted me and suggested I “take a look,” there likely would have been no investigation and no book.


Robert has been my friend for many years and my “partner” and true “sidekick” throughout the Frome investigation and along that dusty trail, has provided me with much wise counsel and objectivity. Robert has assisted in the editing and formatting of this book, as well as conducting some photography at the original Frome crime scene location, near Van Horn, Texas, as seen in earlier chapters of this book. Additionally, Robert designed and created the covers for In The Mesquite.

Mucho Gracias Amigo.

rjs review:

As a collaborator with Steve in getting his book In The Mesquite into print, I am biased. However that does not preclude me from offering my opinion.

My observation of Steve Hodel’s life’s work, his investigations, his books is that he laboriously and meticulously gathers information and corroborates all the facts that can be corroborated. To those facts he brings to bear over fifty years of investigative know-how and experience to support every aspect of his suppositions and conclusions. His unquestioned integrity remains the cornerstone of his investigative ethos: discover the facts, analyze the facts, let the facts connect where they will and report those facts.

As with Steve’s other books In the Mesquite is presented not to convince you he is right, but to provide you with logical proofs and inferences as to who did what, when, where, and how. It is up to the reader to agree or disagree. Steve says, as noted on the cover, this book is about “SOLVING” the case, not saying ‘IT IS CLEARED”. Without physical evidence to forensically test (such as DNA testing) or the ability to interview long-gone fact witnesses, the case will likely never be “cleared” or adjudicated in a court of law.

If you disagree with Steve’s solutions, that is your prerogative. But what is the purpose of disagreeing if you cannot supply a more well thought through, logical or proven solution—particularly when you consider the nineteen unique crime signatures identified In The Mesquite that also appear in other murders attributed to Doctor George Hill Hodel.

ROBERT J. SADLER, former Dallas Police Officer, Crime Analyst, Private Investigator, Security Consultant and author of: the True-Crime book - One Step from Murder, the Friendly Burglar Rapist, and fourteen novels.

When in L.A. to visit my son in late 2013 we met Steve at Musso and Frank, the Oldest Restaurant in Hollywood for lunch, conversation and an exchange of True-Crime books.

Exterior of Musso & Frank Grill ~ Photo by Gary Minnaert 27 December 2006

After lunch we dedicated and signed our True-Crime books

Then we exchanged books with smiles for the camera.

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