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Thanks, Jim RATLEY!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I recently reposted on FB a picture of my “DPD” Signals poster. Available at:

And though I’m never given the name of a purchaser, I had a really nice note from Jim. He told me about getting the poster and putting it up. I asked if he would send me a picture which he did…

And... I just noticed that Jim also has my DPD Shoulder Patch poster on the bottom shelf!

As we see Jim today:

This was JD Ratley as he appeared in uniform in the 1972 DPD Annual

When filling out a resume… they always ask for your most recent employment and accomplishments. I don’t know how far down or how many pages back you have to go to find Jim as an Officer of the Dallas Police Department, but he has distinguished himself all along the way. From six-gun totin' Dallas cop to pilot, CFE, President Emeritus of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners…

to a man standing next to a man in the picture of the man with his name on a building. He’s also, a biker, a bull rider (at least in photos) and family man. (...and who know what else?)

Thanks Jim for adorning your ‘sanctuary’ with my poster of “DPD Signals” and sending me a photo to prove it... and for giving my permission to use it... These other pictures… no so much. (Although I did decide not to use the photo of Jim from a DPD undercover assignment as: “Carrot Top”.)

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