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Stylist Cruising with Michael Grant

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

In the late 90’s when I returned to Dallas, one of the first things I did was to look for and find a ‘good barber’, one that not only could cut my hair, but cut it like I wanted it to look.

Now, a distant memory, I either stumbled into North Dallas Barber Shop (NDBS), then in the bank building at Preston and LBJ, because it was close to where I was living, or because a friend recommended it. Come to find out it was being ‘wrangled’ by two old Dallas Cowboy’s fans who at one time had a barber shop in Old Town In the Village, (a few shops away from TGIF’s) where I had gone for haircuts for years, (The barber shop, not TGIF's).

That shop was long gone, but the NDBS was a ‘buzz’ with activity. When I walked in the two ‘old cusses' were busy, so I was introduced to Lori Horstman… a fantastic ‘Stylist’ not a barber, there is a difference. Both are state licensed… but, as I understand it, if you’re a barber, you ‘perform grooming services’ exclusively for men with a few exceptions, while as a Stylist, you can serve male or female clients. Both barbers and stylists can cut, color, perm or style hair. However, only barbers can give razor shaves to men.

And since I needed no razor shaves, color, perms or styling, Lori was just the girl for me. That was over twenty-four years ago and I still get the best haircut in town. When the two ‘ol’ cusses’ recently retired and closed NDBS, Lori went out on her own. If you are in Dallas and find yourself shaggy of hair… make an appointment with Lori!

As one, proverbially, does when getting a haircut, I discussed my life as a cop and private investigator, etc., and that I was writing novels. When my first novel, Jamaica Moon, was published in 2009, one accompanied Lori and her husband on a cruise.

Then in early December 2022 when I finished my twenty-fifth novel, Red Sky, I found out Lori would be going on a cruise with family in early January 2023 and since I needed at haircut, I took along a copy of Red Sky for her.

Here is that copy of Red Sky in her Carnival Cruise stateroom, waiting to be read... or perhaps taken to the pool to catch some rays to read by.

Here we see Red Sky on the ship's rail, tasting the salty sea breeze, as the cruise ship pulls out of the Port of Galveston on January third.

Thanks Lori, for all my great haircuts and for taking Michael Grant along for the ‘read’. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time together.

Now, out on the high seas, we see the Red Sky juxtaposed against the deep blue sea and the deep blue sky!

Thank you, Lori!

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2023

Good story, Robert!😀

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