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Same coin-two sides

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Recently Dallas Police Officer (retired), Benny Barrett (a longtime friend) was having lunch at Desperados with a mentor, Rose-Mary Rumbley: legendary Texas raconteur, journalist, author, actor and drama teacher. Benny, among other roles, has been a perennial favorite at local theaters starring as Ebenezer Scrooge in December performances of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

During this lunch they were sitting in “MICHAEL GRANT’S BOOTH” and Benny told Rose-Mary about me and my novel’s characters' association with my go-to restaurant.

Rose-Mary recounted that one of her favorite mystery writer’s was Stuart Woods—this triggered her idea to write a magazine article about two mystery writers and their favorite haunts/eateries.

In her article, that appeared in The Real Estate Network (Nov/Dec 2022 / Vol 30 / Issue 6 pg 47), she compared Robert J. Sadler and his characters’ relationship to Desperados in Dallas with that of mystery writer Stuart Woods whose characters, like Mr. Woods, also hung out at a famous eatery, in his case, Elaine’s in New York City.

Here is that article:

Thank you, Benny, Rose-Mary and Desperados.

P.S., Those " novels and he's still writing." have turned into twenty-five novels with the publication today of my latest novel: Red Sky. And, oh by the way, the cat in the inset picture with me was named Django and in addition to trying to be in the author's photo shoot for my first novel, Jamaica Moon, 2009, was the 'cover cat' on my 24th novel: Cat With One White Stocking, 2022.

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