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rjs Celebrates Book #20 at Desperados

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Today was a double celebration.

First for yesterday's (12.9.21) completion of Penguins & Black Swans, the twentieth novel from The Michael Grant & Associates Black Book Investigations series.The second part was celebrating with longtime friend Paul McCaghren, DPD Asst. Chief (ret.), sitting in the "Michael Grant's Booth", having Desperados Tacos and tall cold Michael Grant Margaritas in front of the brand new brass plaque. (The original plaque, unfortunately, had a slight miscue re my website address.) All corrected now! Thank you Jake!

As usual the service was excellent and the food was right on par--on par meaning it is always good, always delicious, just the mouthwatering same. And as I have been a delighted patron of Desperados (Uno) since it opened in 1976, I know of their consistency over the years. The same can be said for Dos!

In Penguins & Black Swans, Michael Grant, travels to France and England to 'take care of business'. And where is the first place he wants to go eat in Dallas after being in Europe for weeks? Why Desperados, of course! Having one of his eponymous Michael Grant Margaritas and Desperados Tacos, beef, are must haves--unless it is Thursday then it's Guiso de Res for sure.

And you can be sure when Michael Grant is at Desperados... the latest mystery will be discussed.

Stop by and have a Michael Grant Margarita in Michael's booth--maybe you'll see him... I mean me there.

The inset is a picture of Alan Steacy standing behind his stack of Michael Grant novels, He says he'll send a new picture when he gets #20. (There are only 17 books in the stack here. He already has #18 Ten Boxes and #19 Almost Evening.)

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2 commentaires

Robert Sadler
Robert Sadler
17 déc. 2021

Thank you, Steve. Now on to #21.


Steve Hodel
Steve Hodel
11 déc. 2021

Congrats on another major milestone Robert. Very impressive.

Steve Hodel NYT bestselling author, "Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder"

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