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Plaque @ Desperados

Updated: May 6, 2021


Desperados Mexican Restaurants

Desperados (Uno - 4818 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206)

Correction ~ Author's website:

Once again life imitates art.

For seventeen novels (see inset below) the fictional Michael Grant has been a dedicated patron of Desperados Mexican Restaurant (Uno & Dos). Frequently he brings family and friends to enjoy the great food and service at Desperados, as well as bringing associates and clients for business meetings that either begin or end with a meal and a Michael Grant Margarita.

Many a perplexing fictional crime has been discussed or solved while Michael Grant and his fellow characters collaborate at Desperados... in book (12) of the series, The Bad Alibi, there was even a big shootout in Desperados Uno's parking lot.

Whenever Michael's group was four or less, he would prefer to sit in the first booth on the right after come through the double doors with the silver peppers into vestibule of Desperados 'Uno'. It became known to the staff as "Michael Grant's Booth"... because he was there so often and that's where he liked to sit. In the Michael Grant novels this is where he invented his signature margarita. And in the books the Manager, Jake, thought it was such a good drink that he would put THE MICHAEL GRANT MARGARITA on the fictional menu. Indeed, in real-life Jake Levy put this great tasting margarita on the menu.

My #1 Fan (Alan Steacy) sent this photo, standing behind his stack of Michael Grant novels.

In real-life, the author has been a patron of Desperados since they opened in 1976. For the past twenty years he has preferred to sit in the aforementioned booth. And it was there that the real Michael Grant Margarita was first conceived of by the author.

Give the Michael Grant Margarita a try... have two if you have someone to drive you home. (grin)

Robert says, "Desperados Tacos (beef) have been my perennial favorite. However if I'm there on a Thursday, if I don't order Guiso de Res (beef) I will definitely take a couple of orders home. Oh and here's a caveat I learned long ago, if you don't get to Desperados early... since there is a limited quality, the Guiso may be gone."

Thank you: Jorge, Jake and Michael Levy for your friendship and great food!

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