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National Police Collectors Show

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The North Texas National Police Collectors Show (NPCS) was held this week in Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas at their sumptuous Irving Convention Center located in Las Colinas. There were hundreds of vendor tables filled with badges, patches and all manner of police memorabilia. This year's show in North Texas was organized and hosted by Rick Janich, Dallas Police Department Senior Corporal (ret.). It was a successful meet and greet, sway and buy.

Two of my favorite DPD legends were also in attendance.

Mrs. Tippit, widow of the slain Dallas Officer JD Tippit. Was on hand to shake hands and sign autographs and sit for pictures... lot's of 'selfies'. Her husband, JD, was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald a short time after Oswald shot President Kennedy and Governor John Connelly.

Retired Dallas Detective Jim Leavelle (and WWII Pearl Harbor Survivor) was the man handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. Jim patiently answered questions, shook hands and autograph books and photographs. Like Mrs. Tippit, Jim graciously appeared in numerous 'selfies' taken with fans and well-wishers. Jim Leavelle will be 99 years old in August!

I participated with a table to offer a ‘show deal’ to download one of my ebooks (The Bad Alibi) at a reduced cost.

Downloading the book for $1.99 (regularly $3.99) and getting a great margarita worth $11.99 sounded like a pretty good deal to me!

They also got a map with directions to Desperados (Uno) on Grenville Ave. where the could wet their whistle with great margarita and curb their hunger with a great menu of Mexican dishes.

Desperados is Michael Grant's Favorite Mexican Restaurant

The character Michael Grant is often at Desperados for meals, margaritas and meetings with friends and associates... where he's made famous The Michael Grant margarita.

And if patrons are lucky they might even have gotten to sit in Michael Grant’s favorite booth!

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