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if it's guiso thursday...

Yesterday, (Thur. Jan. 9) I celebrated ten years of Michael Grant novels with three good friends: Jim Evans, Marine, Vietnam Vet, retired FBI Special Agent and PI who I worked investigations with at Texas Instruments 2007-8 and who read my first three manuscripts and was the first to encourage me to publish them. (Jamaica Moon - 2009, Judas Oracle & And... Never Again - 2010 and all my novels since) -- Benny Barrett, good friend, Marine, Vietnam Vet, retired DPD and thespian extraordinaire -- and Jake Levy, manager of Desperados Uno.

Sorry no photos of Jim and Benny... just fellowship, good food and drink. Jake had staff take a photo of us toasting my ten years of Michael Grant novels (which prominently feature Desperados as Michael Grant's favorite Mexican Food Restaurant) while sitting in Michael Grant's "Favorite Booth".

We are toasting with a couple of "Michael Grant Margaritas" which I created for the novels and which Jake wanted to and does feature as one of it's top-shelf margaritas at Desperados Uno on Greenville Avenue in Dallas and Desperados Dos (managed by brother Michael Levy) in Garland.

Thanks again, to Jorge Levy (father of Jake and Michael), long-time owner of Desperados for 44 years of great food and friendship.

Like the author, Michael Grant, loves "Desperados Tacos" and almost always has them when he eats at Desperados. But, on Thursday's for lunch Desperados' prepares "Guiso de Res -- lean tender beef tips & potatoes slow simmered in a chile ancho and casabel sauce." which all Michael's crew and friends love. So, if it's Thursday... you can bet at sometime in a Michael Grant novel, Michael and Tom Darrow and some of their DPD friends will be there for "Guiso Thursday"!

But just like the characters in my Michael Grant novels, you'd better get there early (in the first hour after they open on Thursdays) if you want to taste his mouth-watering hearty dish.

Oh, yes! As the caption indicates, I have two take-out orders of Guiso de Res ready to carry home!

Note: Guiso de Res = Beef Stew

Here is Jake's comment accompanying the above photo on the Desperados Facebook page:

"Congratulations Robert for 10 years of writing your Michael Grant novels. A very sincere thank you for including Desperados, the family, boothe #1, Thursday's guiso and the Michael Grant Margarita in your books. There are not many restaurants that can say they are emblazoned in literature. However, what we are most appreciative of is your friendship over the last four decades. Salud to many more."

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