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Honoring an Officer Of the Month

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Yvette Gonzales, former Navy Veteran and now ten-year Dallas Police Officer, was named Officer of the Month in September (OOM). As such she was honored with a luncheon. As OOM she received a certificate, plaque, OOM uniform bar, a check, an engraved handcrafted pen and box set and a TrueCrime book.

[The handcrafted box is engraved with: Officer of the Month, date, the officer's name and badge number; the pen is an engraved with a DPD badge with the recipients badge number]

Unfortunately, current Club Secretary & Past President of Dalcliff-Wynnewood Lions Club (# 987), Janie Covington was unable to attend Officer’s Gonzales’ luncheon and had the last two items above in her possession.

Today Janie met with Officer Gonzales at DPD’s Northeast Substation to personally thank Officer Gonzales for her service to country and community and to present her with her engraved pen set and book on behalf of by the Dalcliff-Wynnewood Lions Club.

Janie was married, until his passing in December 2017, to DPD Sr. Corporal Thomas H. Covington Jr. (ret.). Janie is a 15 year members of the Dalcliff-Wynnewood Lions Club and Tom had been a member for 34 years.

Tom had also been my DPD partner and played a major roll in our pursuit and capture of the serial rapist whose crimes are detailed in my book: One Step from Murder: The Friendly burglar Rapist.

I also had the privilege to meet Officer Gonzales and thank her for her years of service to our country while serving in the U.S. Navy and her so-far ten-year career with DPD. She is a fine example of today's officer who is recognized by her peers and whose supervisor put her in for OOM which Gonzales demonstrated she deserved.

OOM Gonzales with her signed copy of OSfM: tFBR

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