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His eyes, his name

Alan Steacy, my ‘First Reader’, with his copy of Red Sky (book #25), gets and ‘A’ for demonstrating he actually reads my books after the character’s words and deeds find their way through my fingertips onto the pages of the manuscript that he is the first to read.

And to my readers at large, if the name Alan Steacy sounds familiar to you there is a two-fold reason for that. First, since he has been my First Reader for the last dozen books (or so), I always mention him by name in the acknowledgements of each book expressing my thanks, and second, when a new Dallas homicide detective appeared on the scene in the short story: Homicide Hooligans he proclaimed himself, Detective Alan Steacy and appeared again in book #15 Murder at Betty Sue’s Café… And to this day he continues as one of Lt. Jamison's homicide hooligans.

As my First Reader his efforts are greatly appreciated, and thus it is my hope that the Detective Alan Steacy character doesn't do anything to get himself 'killed-off'!

Thank you, Alan… for both the use of your ‘eyes’ and ‘name’!

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