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Five-Star Text!

I received the following five-star text from an obvious fan:

Thank you Jim for your better-than-average five-star review. To be enthralled enough to 'almost' read right through Happy Hour is a tremendous endorsement for the story of the Clown of Karakoram!

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1 Comment

May 30, 2023

I've read a number of Robert's books. I love 'em. "Burglar Rapist" is a must read. Just read the "Cat with One White Stocking" and I loved it. Sadler has a remarkably creative mind to come up with situations and locations. Really neat stuff. Never a disappointment for sure. Don't know if I can post a 'thumbs up' or stars rating, but his work gets the best of all. 5 Stars and multiple thumbs up. Buy 'em--Read 'em!.

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