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Book #14 Nearing CompletioN

As a novelist whose process is called WITD (Writing Into The Dark), that is to say the book is not plotted and planned from beginning to end, I don’t know where this book will end. But as this is a series… where the previous book ends the next book begins.


I start with the first sentence (often a natural evolution of the last sentences (or scenes) of the previous book) and follow my characters toward some new ‘the end’. I liken my process to the ABCs of novel writing. Just as you know the alphabet (and can probable even say it backwards), we know we start with "A" and end with "Z". A story is like that in that wherever the story starts in the alphabet I know (or my brain knows) how to get to "Z".

With regard to the current WIP (Baladine’s… Alive?) in this story’s alphabet I am at about "X" or "Y"… and still do not know what "Z" is or exactly when the characters will take me there. But they tell me, “it won’t be long now” and suggested I ought to stay home tonight and write rather than go to the Ranger's game. Such is the life of a writer.

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