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On October 30, 2020 the following post appeared on author and friend Steve Hodel's website blog:

Author Shout Out to Retired Dallas PD Detective and Fellow Writer Robert J. Sadler

By Steve Hodel | October 30, 2020 | 

October 30, 2020 Los Angeles, California

Author and P.I. Robert J. Sadler and Friend (circa 2009)

(Photo by Bill Crump, also a friend who you will be hearing from and about in my yet to publish “The Early Years”)

I wanted to take the time to publicly thank my good friend and fellow author, Robert J. Sadler, of Dallas, Texas for his collaboration and help in formatting, editing, along with creating the cover design (see below) on my most recent book, “In The Mesquite,” 

Cover design by R.J. Sadler-How cool is that?

My friendship with Robert goes back more than a decade when we first met and connected by Email, then in person when he came out further West to visit with his son and daughter-in-law and a new granddaughter.

Robert Sadler is not your average retired cop.  After his career with Dallas PD, he put on many new hats: Licensed P.I., Mystery Writer, Photographer, Poet, Grandfather, and long-distance friend/collaborator currently helping me edit and proof my yet to publish, “The Early Years” which will cover suspected crimes from my father’s distant past. (In The Mesquite so far is the oldest crime presented in print  which occurred in 1938.)

Up until I connected with Robert some tens years ago, my work and investigations into my father’s criminal past was pretty much a one-man job. What in my old LAPD days we used to call “working an L car.”

So, it has been great to have Robert as my “partner” on the recent investigations. Someone to bounce things off of who has “been there/done that” so to speak. I jokingly think of him as my own “Dr. Watson” but don’t tell him that. Let’s keep it secret.

He is highly intelligent and as well as being creatively gifted. Some of Robert’s photographs in his on-line collection are really amazing! (Second only, to my son Matt’s and definitely on a par with our mutual friend, Photographer, Bill Crump.)

Below is a link to Robert’s Author Website. Check it out.

In 2012 we had a chance to meet in person here in Hollywood and the below photos capture us having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, MUSSO & FRANK GRILL. It was a mutual admiration luncheon where we signed and exchanged each other’s books.(Ed. and have met 3 times since.)

Again, HUGE THANKS ROBERT, for all the past, present, and future help you have, are and will be providing me as pardner (Texas spelling) on this very dusty trail to Truth.


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