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ZOOM True Crime Panel Went well!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

This past Saturday, June 12th (2pm-3:30pm) I participated in the Zoom panel discussion mentioned below. Thanks to the Dallas Public Library (Downtown Central Library) and Public Service Specialist Alicia Deal-Unsal and the rest of the "CLEWS" (City Life, Education, & Work Skills) crew on the 6th floor for coordinating and hosting the Zoom panel.

Alicia informed me there were 109 individuals signed up to view the Zoom feed and we had 53 'tuned' in to watch and participate. Additionally the "CLEWS" crew recorded the discussion and will be available via YouTube in the near future.

An additional thank you to DPL staff: Jacob Wise, host, Matthew and Kristen Calvert; and my co-panelists: Skip Hollandsworth and DSO Detective Matthew Randal.

I will pass on the link, when it becomes available.

~ ~ ~

Saturday week, June 12th, (2pm-3:30pm) I've been asked to be on a Zoom discussion panel created by the Dallas Public Library regarding the genre of True Crime writing. Ostensibly, as the Library's posting suggests, the discussion will revolve around "When Crime Becomes Entertainment..." and "...why, as humans are we so fascinated with crime, murder, and other atrocities?"

Besides myself, renown writer/author Skip Hollandsworth and veteran detective Matthew Randal are scheduled to be the panelists, see the blurb above for particulars. I expect a lively discussion. If you wish to join the Zoom meeting and hear our discussion, here is the link to register for the event:

One quick personal note: Just as sexual assault/rape is never 'friendly' that was, nevertheless the moniker (Friendly Burglar Rapist) for the True Crime I investigated and wrote about (One Step from Murder, the Friendly Burglar Rapist), neither is such a book 'entertainment' except in the broadest sense of being enthralled. That is to say, any book in which your are engaged in reading and it holds or captivates your attention or powerfully moves you would likely be enthralling to the reader. As for the general perception of entertainment as fun, reading True Crime may be immensely informative, macabre or even scary, but it is hardly ever 'fun'.

On the other hand, the visual media (of the 'entertainment business') has endeavored to bring to the large and small screen all manner of True Crime and fictional crime to the screen for 'entertainment'.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on writing and True Crime with you and the panel.

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