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Remembering: DPD Senior Corporal Thomas H. Covington, Jr. (ret.) badge #: 2273.

On this date, (12.14.2017) two years ago, we lost a good man, a brother officer, friend and partner; husband, father, grandfather, boy scout, scout master, churchman, and Lion. May he rest in peace with great reward.

He and I worked together on the streets, in patrol, in 1967. In the 1970s we worked together, along with Jim Bryan, on undercover assignments and we worked together for three plus years to track and help capture the infamous Friendly Burglar Rapist, Guy William Marble, Jr. who was responsible for over 80 offenses, 42 of them rapes.

Tom was an unselfish, nimble-minded, solution-oriented and spirit-lifting partner. We remained friends and collaborators for over fifty years. He is sorely missed. Thinking of his widow Janie Covington and their family on this day.

November 1976 - In The Office, 2nd floor, 106 S. Harwood - Tom 'working' the phone running down a clue while I am updating one of our three our 'crime books' on the FBR.

Here is the true-crime I wrote chronicling our partnership and how, in the end, we were successful in helping to secure the capture of this rapist who menaced the citizens of Dallas for 39 months.

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