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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

16th Michael Grant Novel - The moment "Just before..." Can Michael Find Her?

All he has to go on is the blurry-faced photo of a beautiful blonde with the pixie hairdo taken just before... Can Michael find her, "Just before..." becomes a devastating just after?

This the 16th novel from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant and Associates continues with its familiar cast of law enforcement detectives, private investigators and spooks, facing new threats and old; secrets old and new... And a new 'associate' Ugene Benjamin Anderson (introduced in "Murder at Betty Sue's Cafe") is again featured.

Ugene (nicknamed: "Little Man") is 45, a six-foot-four 270 lb. former Army Ranger sergeant major with 25 years service, who in addition to his field deployments to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria was a War College instructor who taught field-oriented computer skills and cryptology.

Michael's six-year old piano prodigy daughter, Jeannot Grant, finds the first clue in "Just before..."

How soon... is 'coming soon'? Since I employ a writing process called WITD (Writing Into The Dark), I don't outline or plot out the story before hand. I let the characters direct their actions and dialog. Although, I can see 'things are seeming to come together' I don't know how all this will end. Thus other than feeling an urgency keep up with the characters I cannot predict exactly when this story will find its ending. But, it feels like 'soon'.

Above Alan Steacy, my #1 fan & first reader, will soon be up to his eyeballs in Michael Grant novels! Oh and his namesake detective, who made his first appearance in the short story Homicide Hooligans and subsequently became the newest member of Lt. Jim Jamison's "HH'ers" comes to bat in Murder at Betty Sue’s Café as the newest "HH'er" and will also appear in Just before...

Note -- In the photo left, starting at the bottom with novel #1 (Jamaica Moon), the books are stacked chronologically from bottom to top. Except "Innocent And Guilty" was the 4th Michael Grant novel.

An although each book stands alone, each novel builds on the continuation of the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant and Associates. I hope you will enjoy these engaging characters and their stories

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