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The Dingus & Me Part Deux

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Happy Anniversary Robert10 years of novel writing!

Millions of words and lots of gray hair later, Robert has published 14 Michael Grant mystery novels (#15 in progress), one TrueCrime book, a number of short stories and seven volumes of poetry. He says, "that’s not nearly enough!"

FYI: Time is the reason for the gray hair... not the oft perceived 'work' of writing, which to the contrary is nothing but a joy and no 'work' at all.

Robert will also be celebrating his 44 years of being a dedicated Desperados customer!

Ten Years of Novel Writing -- Photographs by Bill Crump



the Black Book Investigations Series


Michael Grant And Associates

Coming Soon:

Murder at Betty Sue’s Café

Available Now:

Baladine’s… Alive? ~ The Good Alibi ~ The Bad Alibi

We Were Once Knights ~ Thirty Seconds From Midnight

Buttermilk Skies ~ The Sun Never Sets ~ BOXMAN

The Murder Fever ~ Cry... Walk, Run! ~ Innocent And Guilty

And... Never Again ~ Judas Oracle ~ Jamaica Moon

Short Stories

Homicide Hooligans ~ DarkSpeed

39 Circles ~ The Butterfly Affect

True Crime

One Step from Murder:

The Friendly Burglar RAPIST


Poetic License #4121964 Opus I

Poetic License #4121964 Opus II

Poetic License #4121964 Opus III

Poetic License #4121964 Opus IV

He'll be celebrating this Thursday at Desperados, (his and Michael Grant's favorite Mexican Restaurant) with a Michael Grant Margarita and Desperados Tacos... and he'll take home a couple of orders of his favorite Thursday lunch menu item: "Guiso de Res -- lean tender beef tips & potatoes slow simmered in a chile ancho and casabel sauce."

Treat yourself and come celebrate with him at either of Desperados two locations:

Desperados Uno

4818 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX 75206

Desperados Dos

3443 W Campbell Rd Garland, TX 75044

For more re "The Dingus & Me" scroll down to see that blog post and get the rest of the story!

Wondering about the Michael Grant Margarita? Scroll down to:

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