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staying busy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Since my last post in mid-January, I have not been idle.

With my granddaughter's 1st birthday approaching in the middle of February I busied myself creating a poster with 64 photographs from her first year to send to her parents for 'her' birthday.

I also finished Novel #14: Baladine’s… Alive?.

By now we’re into the Corona Virus/COVID 19 pandemic and home-quarantine effort. Not that my usual cave-dwelling existence changed that much, but the usual diversions from writing that I allowed myself—like watching basketball, baseball, and or golf—no longer available, I increased my time in the ‘Captain’s Chair’ where flights of fancy take wing.

I started on Novel #15 Murder At Betty Sue’s Café.

Intermittently I took a break from the novel to write 6 short stories before finishing MABSC last week.

As I wait for my first readers to review the MABSC manuscript prior to publication I got to work on a two new projects. First I wrote the beginning to novel #16: Just before…

Second, I began transcribing a manuscript my father left me of children's’ stories that he created for my sister and me with we were little and for my son when he was little. Now I’m putting them in a book for my granddaughter!

Oh, and over on PWW ( I'm still writing my weekly blog post, though my 'day' has moved from Friday to Tuesday.

So, as you can see. I haven’t just be sitting round staring out the window. Although, (grin) I. do that as well!

Actually I am having a lot more fun writing the stories my stories character’s are sharing… At least I don’t have to stress over ‘my team/s’ winning or losing!

NOTE: The novels and short stories are all available, just click on their individual link under the 'Novels' or 'Short Stories' content tabs above.

Hope you are successfully staying healthy and using your time creatively!

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