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Just before, is here Just in time!


In Just before... the 16th novel from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant and Associates continues with its familiar cast of law enforcement detectives, private investigators and spooks, facing new threats and old; secrets old and new... And a new 'associate' Ugene Benjamin Anderson (introduced in "Murder at Betty Sue's Cafe") is again featured.

Ugene (nicknamed: "Little Man") is 45, a six-foot-four 270 lb. former Army Ranger sergeant major with 25 years service, who in addition to his field deployments to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria was a War College instructor who taught field-oriented computer skills and cryptology.


Michael's six-year old piano prodigy daughter, Jeannot Grant, finds the first clue in Just before...

With the publication of Just before... my prediction has come true that (above) Alan Steacy, my #1 fan & first reader, will soon be up to his eyeballs in Michael Grant novels!

Alan, looks like you'll need to send my a new photo with your 16 Michael Grant novels so our public and see your face!

And yes, Michael Grant novel #17 is 'in progress'!

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1 Comment

Alan Steacy
Alan Steacy
Jan 02, 2021

I have prepare a step-stool just for the occasion, Robert!

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